Peaks, Polaroids and Prosecco

Hi, I’m Tracy, a newbie to the world of hillwalking and blogging, but rest assured, I’m up for the challenge of conquering posts as well as peaks on this journey. A journey that began back in October when I decided I was going to do something I’d never done before; go somewhere I’d never been before. Something that would take me out of my comfort zone and force me to face my fears. I was going to climb a mountain!

This was a challenge of epic proportions for someone who found climbing a flight of stairs a major feat. So, after acquiring additional life insurance and updating my will, I was ready to go the Mournes, a mountain range in Northern Ireland, which I imagined was just like the Himalayas. A perilous place packed full of great big peaks.

Unable to find a Sherpa to accompany me on my expedition, Lionel, my partner agreed to be my guide. Like so many people I know, he had a passion for hillwalking. I had never shared his enthusiasm or understood his preoccupation with scaling peaks. It was punishing, painful and in no way, pleasurable. Mountains were inhospitable places made for sheep, goats and Ben Fogle. I wasn’t born to scramble up the side or scale the summits of these colossal masses but, stupidly, that was the challenge I had set myself.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey, in a struggle to overcome all obstacles to reach the top. And in a year that has been particularly challenging for all of us and when we have all had mountains to climb, I hope that my adventures bring a little light relief and hopefully a smile to your face.

On my next adventure…

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